Heroism vs. Teamwork

Who wins:  heroes or teams?

We love stories of heroes - individuals whose effort and sacrifice go above and beyond, whose exploits amaze and inspire. "I could never do that!" we say, and reap rewards upon them.

But who wins the battle is often a different story.

Consider the world of college football today. There is much discussion of who will win the coveted Heisman Trophy, awarded to the best overall player. Top candidates include star players from schools like Alabama, Houston, Oklahoma, Stanford, USC, Oregon, Baylor, even Boise State.

Those teams have won a lot of games, and their star players are no doubt have contributed a great deal to their team's success.

But there is one school conspicuously missing from that list. The school whose team is unanimously considered in all ranking polls to be the very best in the nation - the LSU Bengal Tigers.

They have many outstanding players, but there is no one player who stands as the linchpin to the team's success. The one who, without whom, all would be lost.

In fact, in the so-called "year of the quarterback," LSU bucks the trend by platooning two different starters in that position.

When the top team in the country in a high-profile game sets an example, it's worth paying attention as to how they did it.


That's the truly heroic work being done.



Ten things we couldn't live without

Here at Run Brain Run, we have much to be thankful for.

We can't list all of them... and even if we did, you wouldn't read it. But here are ten things that top the list - things we couldn't live without.

In no particular order, we're most thankful for:

  • Strong teams, who give us great role models for shaping our team and helping yours
  • Weaker teams who recognize they can be better - and want to be
  • Fun and games that make us laugh as we improve teamwork
  • Serious moments that make us appreciate the laughter more
  • The glorious outdoor environments in which we work and play
  • The cozy indoor venues that give us an escape when the outdoors gets harsh
  • The curious nature of the human animal that constantly wants to learn, improve, enjoy, and explore
  • People who build bikes for underprivileged kids
  • People who donate time and money for those who serve and those who suffer
  • You, for reading this, and being part of our world

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Make Veterans part of your team

Who's on your team?

Think broadly.

One of the reasons we live in a strong, free society is that many of our nation’s men and women have made incredible sacrifices to keep us safe from threats abroad.

If that doesn't help make you a more successful team, we don't know what will.

Even as the President issues orders to bring troops home from Iraq, that does not end the sacrifices they and their families make.

We make no comment on the politics of the situation. But to the men and women who have served, we say:  Thank you.

If you’re interested in doing more for our service men and women overseas, consider incorporating it into your holiday event plans. Call us to ask us about Operation Care Kit, and show your thanks in a very personal way.


Five Stars

My email inbox this morning invited me to click on our Portland "Yelp" site. This is an excerpt of what greeted me there:

We had a ton of fun during our corporate team building event "Search Party", organized by Run Brain Run...  Bob and Sarah were very enthusiastic and the event was well organized.  It was an awesome team building event and everyone had a lot of fun.  We ended our adventure with pizza and beer at Double Mountain and you can't get any better than that.

The reviewer also gave us a five-star rating.

Not a bad way to start a Monday!

Have you had a great experience with Run Brain Run? Let us know. Run Brain Run Seattle reviews go here, Run Brain Run Portland reviews go here.


Team Building in a Down Economy

During difficult economic times like these, a manager's instincts may be to re-think sales goals, expansion plans, travel budgets, even employee perks such as holiday parties or incentive bonuses.However, company leaders can become so focused on managing their way through tough times that they may neglect boosting the morale of their employees.

Meanwhile, employees focus inward. Many fear possible layoffs, hiring and pay freezes, vastly increased workloads, ability to pay their child's tuition or family medical bills, loss of value in their house and 401K, or their spouse's job loss. Office gossip about the company's financial health can make stress levels soar higher.

All these factors can place a terrible burden on employees, greatly affecting their job performance. Productivity dips, sick days increase and morale plummets.

While it's tempting to become more conservative with budgets and cut back on things considered non-essential, the morale of your employees and the health of your teamwork do not belong in the "non-essential" category. Rather, they are your principal resource for surviving the downturn and being among the first to re-emerge in the new competitive landscape.

It may be more important than ever to invest in team building during tough times. Yes, do it affordably. Yes, do it in a way that doesn't take a full day's productivity away when everyone already has too much to do.

But do it.


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