Make Team Building a Tradition

Is team building a one-time event?

Do we even have to answer that question?

Teams who make team building an ongoing effort, who work on continuous improvement in cohesion, communication, and trust, are the teams who continue to succeed, year after year.

Ongoing efforts to build teams are hard to sustain when someone has to come up with new ideas for outings every month or every quarter. Plus, that person must pick a date that agrees with the schedule of everyone on the team - and with the schedule of your team building event provider.

There is an alternative.

Why not make team building a regular, recurring event on your team's schedule? Be it First Thursdays, third Saturdays, or every full moon, if you make it a known event at a date that everyone knows in advance, it will become part of your team's calendar.

And then, part of your team's culture.

Then, find activities or vendors that meet YOUR team's schedule and fits your team's culture.

(By the way, we can do that...)

Then - stick to it. You'll be glad you did.

To sum up:

  1. Choose activities that fit your team.
  2. Make it a regularly scheduled event
  3. Stick with it!

Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Service Responsibility

Challenged to find an event that engages and excites employees while also demonstrating social responsibility?  Many companies choose to hold philanthropic, community-based team building events for their employees, rather than the normal office holiday party and white elephant gift exchange.

Community-based team building events work best when the cause you contribute to is one shared by and involves your employees. It also encourages them to engage and work together, rather than sit on the sidelines. For example, building care packages for soldiers or building bikes for underprivileged children, is only successful when the entire team participates and gives their time.  This way, the event is not only successful in contributing toward a cause in your community, but also serves as a team building and morale-boosting event for your employees.

So don’t wait until the holidays to call us to start planning your special event. When your group’s hard work becomes Good Works benefiting those less fortunate, everybody wins.


Indoors or out? Four questions to ask your team building company

Summer is a great time to get your team out of the office, shake things up, and work on a little team bonding. The warmth and sunshine adds energy and keeps the end-of-event smiles plastered on just a little bit longer at the end of your successful event.

But the weather this summer has been strange and unpredictable. Twenty-degree temperature swings in 24 hours, sudden storms, even forecasted storms that never materialize have been the norm.

What’s an event planner to do? Should one even consider an outdoor event, or play it safe and look for indoor options only?

Here are four things to consider when trying to decide between indoors and outdoors:

  • Check out your team building provider. Do they offer both indoor and outdoor game options?
  • Investigate the game itself. Is it all indoors, all outdoors - or a mix, giving your team flexibility and variety in how they spend their time?
  • What’s the setting? An urban game can provide cover or quick places to duck into to dodge the raindrops. A game in the wilderness offers ... wilderness. (You could always hide under your GPS and keep a few square inches of your body dry.)
  • Ask the game provider directly:  what happens if it rains? Or, conversely, what happens if we’re happily surprised by sunshine? What are the contingency plans?

In the Pacific Northwest, summer weather often extends well into October, giving you outdoor options well into football season. But it’s best to know your options.


Run Brain Run Can Raise Office Morale

Is it noticeable right away upon entering an office whether or not the morale is low or high?  A vital aspect of any productive office is the sense of teamwork found in its employees. If your office is lagging in energy, you may need a little team building exercise to put the fun back into the work environment. That is just what we do at Run Brain Run. A game with us uses fun team building techniques that can be carried over into the workplace, with lasting and positive effects.

So get out of your cubes, let loose, and call Run Brain Run immediately to have some fun.


Rookie of the Year

Newcomers to a team, particularly inexperienced ones, often struggle to fit in. The new team, the new environment, the new job all can overwhelm a talented rookie.

But some rookies rise to the challenge and perform in outstanding ways. When that happens, observers take notice and reward them with accolades, raises, and promotions. The best among newcomers may be awarded the title "Rookie of the Year."

Rookies succeed, even flourish, when they are made to feel welcome - an important part of the team. Their contributions matter. The team can't win without them. Teams that go out of their way to make the new kid fit in find that their rookies succeed more often - become "Rookie of the Year."

Rookies struggle when their efforts go unnoticed, don't seem to make a difference, or they don't fit in. Many will wash out.

Rookies today are your veterans of tomorrow. What they learn in their first year on your team will color their career with you. They will apply the lessons they learn in their first year to all future years.

They'll treat future rookies the way they were treated in their rookie year.

How are you treating your rookies? Will they wash out - or become Rookie of the Year?



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