Casting Call - Seattle Game Directors!

Run Brain Run is expanding its Seattle operations and seeks Game Directors!

Can you see yourself leading the Amazing Race? Can you command a crowd, make them laugh, and have everyone eating out the palm of your hand? If so, then this is the job for you!

Being a Run Brain Run Game Director, you must have leadership abilities, charisma, a sense of humor, crazy amazing communication skills, and an ability to herd cats. Since we run morning, afternoon, and evening events, you may work irregular hours.

These few available positions are on-call and limited part-time work. With over 30 events a week (and 10 years in business) in Portland and Seattle, we do all the training and get you up to speed. Like all of us, once you're a full-fledged Game Director, you'll be amazed that you're getting paid for doing something so ridiculously fun.

So, if you are always professional and reliable and know you have the improv and leadership skills needed, then check out our detailed Seattle job posting ad and apply before the interview slots are gone!


Outdoor Games

Warmer, sunnier weather is coming, and anyone who works indoors knows one thing about work in summer:  it doesn't get done.

Unless you can keep the team motivated, that is.

A smart boss knows that the slow-down season of summer (for many businesses) is a great opportunity to reward her employees with some outdoor play time.

But the bottom line still needs to be met.

Voila - the perfect solution:  outdoor team building scavenger hunt games.

Outdoor scavenger hunts like Run Brain Run's Search Party games get your team out of doors and into the bright, warm long-lasting sunshine. Because they're laugh-inducing and fun, they'll get your team's morale up better than most corporate outings and are far more affordable than dinners, picnics, rope courses and zip-lines... without the risk and hassle.

So, do you want to work better and smarter this summer?

Get outdoors and play.



Superhero talents and super-maximum team scores

Favorite moments at our first set of public-welcome Scavenger Hunt Search Party games last week:

  • Witnessing the vigor and enthusiasm of team members ranging in age from six to fifty-six confronting challenges, decoding clues and solving clever riddles.
  • Seeing how neither pouring rain (during an outdoors game) nor amazing blue-sky sunshine (during an indoors game) could deter our participating teams from their mission and out-competing the other groups - people they'd never before met - smiling and laughing the whole time.
  • Teams exceeding the maximum possible score by pursuing every last bonus point available.
  • Challenging two teams whose final scores were tied to a tie-breaker:  demonstrating their favorite super-hero talents to all participants.
  • Discovering that said talents were real!



Who's the hero? You!

What clues hide in the master works of art in Seattle's Art Museum?

What mysteries lurk behind the bright lights of Portland's hippest art galleries, chic shops, bookstores and microbreweries?

Who are those strange figures hiding in the shadows downtown? Do they have the answers to the riddles and challenges facing your team's race against time in a brain vs. brain battle to the finish?

Here's your chance to find out... and be a hero at work.

Starting tonight, June 2, you can get in on the Scavenger Hunt Search Party action from Run Brain Run that up until now has been reserved for private groups.

Just sign up on line (and get your wickedly ridiculous discount code - over 50% off), bring a pal or a workmate and prepare your brain for the smartest laughs you'll ever share.

You'll have bragging rights around the coffee machine when you regale the wannabes with your heroic tales. They'll wished they'd have joined you.

Ah, but they'll just have to wait until the next game.

Unless you want to be a REAL hero and arrange a game for the whole gang. That's cool. We'll hook you up with a game just for your group.

But we'll make sure they know to give you credit for this great find.


Instant Team Building

Let's say you've just come into a familiar task (playing touch football, figuring out a puzzle, painting a community building) with people with whom you are unfamiliar, or at least people with whom you have not had teamwork experiences in the past.

Do you succeed? Fail outright? Or, flail a while, then start to gel into a more cohesive whole?

Ever get to the end of one of those situations, look around at your new team, and say, "NOW we know what we're doing! If only we were starting now!"

Weird, right? You knew what you were doing all along, but things only started clicking toward the middle or end of the project.

It's because you've finally learned to work together.

It's because you took the time to get to know each other. Understand each other's strengths and weaknesses and adjust accordingly. To help each other.

To work as a team. Just like that - almost instantly.

Spending time with your team doing things other than your day to day work helps build team effectiveness that pays off when you ARE on the job.


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