A secret stash of team builders

When recruiting young new Team Players, where should you look? Business school grads? Championship athletic teams? Military academies?

While those sources will no doubt produce some top-quality team players, you also want to keep your eyes open to what you might consider as Unlikely Sources.

We've had unusually high success, for example, recruiting folks with theater background:  actors, musicians, techs, the works.

"What?" you may be asking yourself. "Flaky theater people? Egotistical divas? You mean, *those* people?"

Not so fast, bub. Yes, the theater does attract its share of folks who think they should be rewarded for their unrecognized brilliance, regardless of whether or not they actually show up for work. But then, so does every other industry.

A recent blog posting by a professor of theater enumerates many advantages that theater majors bring to the game, including:

  • Ability to learn very quickly
  • Ability to juggle a large number and variety of simultaneous tasks
  • Discipline and dedication - they show up, prepared, for an impossible schedule of rehearsals and performances
  • Willingness to perform now for deferred reward
  • Broad vision - ability to see the big picture
  • Good oral communication skills
  • Good problem solving skills
  • An all-for-one, one-for-all attitude, without which the show would never go on

And many more. (See the full article here.)

Having just participated in a major city-wide theater arts project that saw over 100 new works produced in just 10 days, I can vouch for the hard work, dedication, creativity and vision of theater arts people.

Where's your secret stash of team builder?




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