Avoiding Lame Morale Events

We have all been there - those lame attempts by managers trying to place a "band-aid" over the real issues within your organization. Morale events are supposed to be great fun, but lately, they're not even close. It's more like corporate re-runs of the same dull tricks: pizzas for lunch, bowling, movies, or wearing Bermuda shorts on casual Fridays. Doing the "same old, same old" every quarter just creates boredom and dread. Playing it safe never ever provides stories. "We went bowling." Yawn!

In these times, we are lucky to get these perks at all, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. A fun outdoor event such as a scavenger hunt or "alias and alibi" type of game can help boost morale in two important ways. First, competitive games like these offer colleagues a chance to build real relationships. By allowing them to play together, they might learn that an annoying boss or co-worker is actually pretty cool, or at least dependable under pressure. While not becoming bosom buddies overnight, a mutual respect and understanding will develop creating less stress and tension between office workers.

Second, competitive games (such as those offered by Run Brain Run) inject fun and something different into the group dynamic to create good fun and memories. Good morale events create stories that live on within your organization. And if you did a game with HD video, you can pop the recording onto YouTube and be the envy of the office or other departments who chose not to participate.

Competitive, fun team building games offer a chance for colleagues to build and establish relations and injects something new and fresh into the mundane world of team building. Try it out for yourself. You will be having fun in no time.



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