Building Team Morale and Loyalty

Plain and simple, team members need to hear praise from managers. If you ever played team sports or were part of a group with a leader, think about how the leader made you feel. Chances are that the leader made you feel good about your contribution to the group and an important part of the team. A good word from the boss boosts your motivation to give it all you got. And continued motivation makes you feel loyal to your company.

Building loyalty is important! Loyalty is the reason team members stick by you through thick and thin. Loyalty is the natural result when leaders:

  1. care about their employees as human beings
  2. understand that people are not perfect and will make mistakes
  3. show respect, consideration, appreciation, and kindness
  4. express praise often
One of the most important ways to build team morale and loyalty is to not expect team members to do anything that you would not do yourself. Team members really appreciate the small things like spoken words of praise and acknowledgementa.  So let your team know that you appreciate them today



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