Can we add some "serious" team building to the fun?

We do "fun" team building.

Does that mean there's no "serious" team building going on?

Of course there is. While you're busy having fun, you're also learning new ways of communicating with your team, making new connections, building understanding and just plain getting to know each other.

But if you want to add some "traditional" team building activity, we have a couple of options for you.

First, we can customize any of our games to help reinforce training messages, product release talking points, new mission statements, and all that jazz by creating custom clues and challenges that we layer right into the game itself. Whether it's a scavenger hunt, immersion-based role-playing game, or philanthropic mission, your team can drive the points home while laughing all the way to victory.

Second, we can add games and activities specifically geared to your group's needs. Whether it's a communication-enhancing game like "Timmy and Lassie," a negotiation/cooperation game like "Mr. Potato Head," or any of the millions of games in The Facilitator's Handbook, many of our staff have gobs of experience doing that from team building jobs in previous lives.

Third, if you really insist on some suspender-snapping facilitator-driven place-red-dots-on-ChartPak meeting-room style stuff, we know lots of blue-suited consultants out there who we enjoy partnering with who can lead you through the boring stuff while we lap up the compliments for being the "fun" ones.

But even those folks will tell you, they'd rather be doing what we do.





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