Can you book "just a game"?

One of the great things about our Search Party scavenger hunt game is that we can do it lots of places - indoor and out.

As we move into fall (sob!) and folks start planning their holiday and winter season outings, indoor venues such as the Central Library, the Art Museum, and McMenamin's historic renovation locations start to overtake the beautiful outdoor settings in popularity.

McMenamin's, in particular, is attractive to many because of the added bonus of being able to feed your team (always a good idea!) before, during, or after the Search Party game.

But sometimes it's even cooler to spend a full day at these great meeting spaces to go over some other important topics in a nice, relaxed, art-filled atmosphere - in addition to getting the juices flowing with an invigorating hunt-based team-building game.

In that case, people often ask, "If we have already have booked a room at McMenamin's with food and beverage service, can we just add a Search Party game? What would that cost?"

The answers:

1. Yes! You can just add the game to the schedule. Since you've already covered the room and food & beverage service with your own rental, there's no additional F&B on our end. Just the game, and we take care of it all. (In fact, we did that just yesterday!)

2. The cost is the same as a game anywhere else:  starting at $25 per person for the base game, with add-on options to spice it up and heighten the fun.

Want to know more? Give us a call. We'll fill you in.



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