Characteristics of an Effective Team

Do you know how to identify the characteristics of an effective team? How do we recognize one when we see it? Highly effective teams are hard to find. There are various indicators of whether a team is working effectively together as a group.

The characteristics of effective and successful teams include:

  • Clear and concise communication and respect among all team members
  • Team members participate regularly in brainstorming and problem-solving sessions and can manage conflict within itself
  • There is an excellent mix of complementary skills and everyone’s skill set is recognized, valued and used.
  • An opinion or position has been reached by a group as a whole
  • Team members share similar values, such as integrity, commitment to the common task, mutual support, and are future focused
  • Regular team meetings that are effective and inclusive
  • Timely hand off from team members to others to ensure the project keeps moving in the right direction
  • Positive and supportive working relationships among all team members

Effective teams have certain distinguishing characteristics in the way they work together and interact. The characteristics of an effective team are those in which members share a sense of purpose and common goals, and each team member is willing to work to achieve these goals.



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