"Community" in a team

It is proven that the best working teams understand “community”.

By many, community is defined by common intent, belief, resources, preferences, needs, and risks. The collective nature of these factors can determine group cohesiveness.

What are you doing as a team leader to promote “community” on your team? It is proven that the more a part of the community a team member feels the more likely they are to present ideas and contribute to the team.

Think through your list of team members. When was the last time you made each of them feel individually important as a part of the team? It is work, but good team leaders will consider this a job function, working it into the daily fabric of the workplace, not just at the holidays or the company picnic.

There are so many opportunities to promote community, from bringing in bagels and coffee for everyone to enjoy together (not at their desk), to participating in an all hands on deck crazy fun Search Party organized by Run Brain Run.

Check out the game:
Portland - www.runbrainrun.com/games/portland/search-party
Seattle - www.runbrainrun.com/games/seattle/search-party



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