Create Harry Potter-like magic with your team

The final episode in the Harry Potter series is out on film, and by all accounts the movie faithfully renders the conclusion of the saga as portrayed in J.K. Rowling's famous novel.

Harry Potter is not only an amazing story of good versus evil and faith versus cynical greed. It is also a story of amazing teamwork. Friends depend upon friends, succeeding only because of the ability of the team to come together, share their strengths and work together to overcome long odds.

Harry is a powerful wizard, but he could not defeat Voldemort alone. To even get to the point of facing the evil wizard, he depends on Hermione's brilliance, Dumbledore's wisdom and experience, Ron's heart (and family connections!), and the entire Ministry of Magic for support.

Your team may not have Harry's wand, but you can create magic. If your team bonds and communicates the way Harry, Ron, and Hermione et al do, you'll cast spells over the entire organization. You'll move obstacles as if they were under your wizard-like command and create something out of seemingly nothing. The Good (your company's success) will triumph over Evil (failure).

Team building doesn't have to require life-or-death struggles with megalomaniacal wizards with illusions of immortality. Nobody needs to die or even risk humiliation (much less life and limb). No one needs to earn lightning-shaped scars.

It does take spending time with your team, giving them the opportunity to solve problems together, preferably in a fun, relaxed setting. Even out of the office sometimes.



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