Custom Team Building II

So you want to build your team, but none of the "canned" activities out there really fit your needs. But the big companies that offer fully customized solutions are out of your budget. What do you do?

You find someone (ahem) who will customize their economical offerings to meet your needs, that's what.

Customization can take any number of forms. Popular ones we've encountered are:

- Infusing the content of the activity with your company's or group's message - be it your mission statement, training themes, key elements of a new marketing campaign or product release, or your company's core values. For instance, if your current theme is "Safety," your scavenger hunt could include the search for safety items - or identifying unsafe situations.

- Adding activities that reinforce that message. For example, if your company fosters competitiveness, you might add activities in which groups compete at a higher level with one another. If your company fosters cooperation and open communication, you would look for activities in which working together and sharing information are key.

- Branding. This works well if a new product, brand, or marketing message is the theme. One fun activity we've included is having the group form a "human brand" - a larger-than-life image of the brand symbol, using themselves (yes, human bodies) as the "art medium."

- Quizzes. Again, this fits well in a team scavenger hunt: Ask team members to recall (or research) specifics about the message, themes, etc.

The possibilities are endless. The budget is not. Make sure your provider isn't breaking your bank by making the activity meet your needs. After all, it's your event, not theirs.



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