Custom Team Building

Sometimes what you need is a little different than our standard package.

Even with the variety of games (Freewheel, Search Party, Operation Care Kits, Game Show Live!, Alias and Alibis, and Play it Forward) and locations (over a half dozen each in Seattle and Portland, plus your location for "Games to Go") and packages (Basic, Gold, and Platinum), you need something a little different.

You need to emphasize a theme, or a message, or a new marketing pitch. You want to drill home the concepts involved in a new product launch. Or you have a special occasion to celebrate - a first or 5th or 25th anniversary, Happy Birthday to someone wonderful, a reorg, a promotion. You want food or a special after-party.

Can we do that?

You bet we can!

We can tailor clues and challenges, replace segments of games with activities that relate to your theme or message, give "coded" names to secret agents, provide HD cameras to help you commemorate the event, arrange and host an after-party, get you fed, even arrange a high-class limo to pick you up... all that and more.

Does it cost a little more? Of course. No matter how hard we try, even we don't get this stuff for free. But we'll keep the cost as low as we can for you.

Because it's not our event. It's yours.

It's about you.



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