Dangerous team building

This is not a laughing matter, but it started that way.

We read an article today that said "We think curling is the next big thing in corporate team-building." Yes, you read that right...curling. Of course it was an article from Vancouver Canada (and not from Los Angeles) and how can we possibly ignore reading a news article about curling as team building.

The story started innocently enough and included all the usual teambuilding news story elements: Fun...check. Social...check. Cost-effective...check. Everyone involved...check.

Then there was the clincher quote..."It can be a bit of a dangerous sport" Say what?! When you think about it, there are a lot of things that can happen on slippery ice. With a little bit of instruction, there's no doubt that curling can be a safe activity, but what is the risk/reward in potentially doing something precarious that will get one of your teammates injured.

Other the years, we've seen a lot of other dangerous (and potentially scary) activities being passed off as team building. Accidents do happen, but there's no need to invite it. Trust falls have lead to injuries by both the person who is falling as well as the people who are attempting to catch the person. Zip lines and ropes course are not just challenges physically, but are also mental and emotionally challenging. Don't even get us started on paintball.

Our recommendation: pick an undertaking that is fun, gets the group to know each other better, and includes a little problem solving. The hope is that your team will have so much fun, they'll forget they're doing team building. If there's a risk of hazards or perilous obstacles, then move on before it's too late.

Regardless if you're a curling fan or not (and who isn't?), click here for the Vancouver Sun article.



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