Do you have an all-star team? Part 2

In a previous post we noted that every major league sport these days puts together an exhibition of the "best of the best" - an all-star game, pitting the top players against each other in friendly competition. It's a treat for the fans as well as the players to see (or be) only the very best in action against the other top players in the league.

The problem with all-star teams is that while each individual may be very good at what they do, they often don't play well together as a team. Not because they don't WANT to, but because they are drawn from other teams, thrown into a do-or-die one-game situation, unfamiliar with each other's strengths and weaknesses, habits and heroics.

Errors abound.

Even all-stars need to work together as a team to achieve maximum success. They need to communicate, to give each other chances to succeed, to find opportunities to help each other and be helped.

Do you have an all-star team?

Could they be even better if they played TOGETHER more?



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