Do you have FUN at work?

I don’t always have fun at work, in fact, I already know this morning’s tasks will not be fun. I am required to be outside in the early morning, rain or shine, and freeze my bum off while a group of four of us attempt to repair and then deconstruct a giant awning and kiosk. And once it is in pieces transport it via giant box truck to its’ new home. Not my usual cozy morning with coffee and a laptop. I have been dreading this day for weeks. The task will not be fun. What will hopefully be some fun is spending a few hours with 3 people I enjoy being around for their own unique reasons. I really do feel like my co-workers today are a great team, and we will do well at the task mainly because we all want to.  We know each other well and can appreciate that I should probably be the person on the ladder and taking photos, while someone else should be operating the power tools. And it won’t be terribly miserable. Only partially, because of the cold.

If you need a little team boost in knowing what is good, special, and unique about one another, try a Search Party in Portland for your next team building event. Leave knowing who should forever be the group scribe and cheerleader. And have fun while you are at it. Believe me, those are important jobs to have on every team.

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