Does fun really build teams?

Sometimes customers ask, Can team building be all about "fun"? Is it possible to really build a team just by going out and enjoying time spent together?

We say, resoundingly, yes.

But of course WE will.

Here's the better news:  YOU do, too. In fact, the only reason we can say it is because our customers tell us so.

Here are some comments people have given us as feedback:

"[Search Party] was amazing!! The store managers are still talking about it!!"

"Everyone had a great time and I’m sure will remember and talk about it for some time to come. Thanks for putting together a well-run, organized and memorable team building event."

"Just wanted to let you know that our firm’s outing – the Run Brain Run event at the Art Museum, followed up by drinks and apps at Shigezo (forgot rest of the name), was a great success – had excellent turnout for both, people stayed for quite awhile at the restaurant afterwards, and I got a lot of very good positive feedback regarding both pieces of it."

"Please extend my gratitude to your team for doing just a great job... All 600+ employees learned about our campus in an interesting and fun way. It was great to see the multi-cultural teams working together to solve the clues, act out their skits and have a lot of fun along the way."

"With two distinct teams (one from Portland and one from Southern California), we needed a fun team building activity where people could quickly get to know each other better. The Search Party with Run Brain Run certainly did that! It was fun, interesting, and competitive. Team members had to work together to succeed, and the friendly competition created amongst teams really provided motivation. All greatly enjoyed the experience and would look forward to doing it again. Thank you, Run Brain Run."

"What an experience we had on our “team building” adventure with RunBrainRun. I wanted to do something different for our annual workshop so I started searching the web. I stumbled across your website and am so glad I did. The Search Party in the Pearl District was the perfect event. Our group not only included members of our leadership team, but spouses too. Everyone had a great time, learned a bunch about each other and got to see the city through different eyes."

A few notes:

- Events people talk about for a long time afterwards creating long-lasting bonding experiences.

- When staff talk glowingly about what their company does for them, such as providing fun experiences, it builds company and team loyalty.

- Fun relaxes people, gets them to open up and trust each other a bit more. Trust builds teams. Simple as that.

- Fun and laughter is cross-cultural, cross-gender, cross-generational, and spans all languages and upbringings. Rich or poor, native or newcomer, we all are uplifted by laughter.

Have you seen your boss laugh? Isn't it a terrific experience? Doesn't it make him or her more approachable, more understandable?

Yeah, we'll stick with fun.





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