Eggs and Glory

I saw team building in action a few weeks ago at one of our biggest Run Brain Run team building events yet to date. My position of Game Director placed me as the manager of the most unruly, out of this world, egg relays I have ever seen. Well, I haven’t seen that many unruly large egg relays, but this definitely tops the list for biggest egg relays. Teams of twenty-five people competing to get their fragile eggs across the soccer field length finish line. Five hundred people and about ten dozen eggs seems like it could be a recipe for disaster. Instead it was a stroke of genius. 

It seems silly to have this as a small part of the game, but what it did was force the group to work together, pick a strategy, and then follow through with a plan. All as a team. The most important rule was that everyone had to participate and the results were truly inspiring. I have never seen so many creative strategies for moving an egg on a spoon.

Props to the participants for their eggcellent (pun intended) use of strategy and working together.



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