Feed your team

No matter what you're planning for your team's next outing, you'll want it to run like a well-oiled machine.

Make sure you provide fuel

Both brains and bodies need to be fed. Brains need stimulus on both sides - the creative and the analytical - for balanced mental nutrition. That means that outings should stimulate the fun centers, the thinking centers, the creative centers, and the figure-out-that-puzzle centers.

A little physical activity helps, too. Not so much that people risk their necks on crazy death-defying rope courses or zip lines, necessarily, but a little movement - walking, stretching, bending - gets the blood flowing and unkinks the bound-up joints that get creaky when we sit at desks all day.

But all that thinking and moving makes people hungry. You need to replenish the mental and physical energy reserves so your team will continue its winning ways.

What could be better than feeding their minds and their bodies at once, with brain-expanding challenges and belly-filling scrumptious snacks and meals?

Plan for meals in your next team building outing. Your team will not only return to the shop more ready for action than ever - but they'll love you for it.



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