Four things strong teams must understand

Buffalo, NY-based team building expert Michael Cardus asserts that in order to build an effective team, each team member needs to understand four things:

  • What is my role in this team?
  • How much control / influence will I have in this team?
  • Will my goals / needs be met by this team?
  • What will be the level of intimacy in this team?

Thus, it makes sense that a team building event should also contribute to a team member's understanding of those four factors. In other words, look for a team building event (and company) that helps each member of your team identify:

  • His/her role on the team - starting with their role on the event team. Are they the team captain, communicator, navigator, spy?
  • What sort of input will they have on the team's success? Does the game/event encourage everyone to participate?
  • What are the goals of the team? (Win, score points, create an amazing dance routine)
  • How closely will the team need to work in order to succeed? Does the event specifically include directions and incentives for working together?

When you compare team building options, ask your team building provider how they stack up on those four factors.

And of course, we'd also want you to ask:  Is it fun?



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