Four ways to help your team Give Back this holiday season

This time of year, it's natural to get into the spirit of giving.

You want to give back to your team for the hard work they've given you all year. So you plan a great company outing, something fun, with great food, off-site... it's all going great until someone says:

"Something's missing."

The conversation turns to their buddies who are out of work, a neighbor going through tough times, those poor soldiers having to be away from their families over the holidays, poor kids whose stockings might be awfully sparse.

"Wouldn't it be great," they say, "if we could take all this money we spent on a DJ and the four rounds of bowling that most of us won't use and instead helped those poor people?"

"But we'd still want to do something as a group," they'd quickly add. "That's important."

You do have that option. And you don't have to do a lot of work to set it up.

Call them Philanthropic Games, or Corporate Social Responsibility events, or Doing Good by Doing well - whatever you like. You've got options. For example:

  • Build bikes for needy kids... and see their faces light up when they (surprise!) show up to receive them!
  • Put together care packages for soldiers overseas.... while having a blast doing things you never thought you'd do.
  • Hunt downtown shops for toys, books and other great stocking-stuffers.
  • Or add your own flair to an existing game (e.g. customizing a "donation competition" as part of a "standard" game)

Sound interesting? This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We'd love to kick some ideas around with you.




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