Four ways to improve team building

A new study reported in Government News suggests that managers need to rethink the way they do team building, in four key ways:

1. "Use gaming techniques in your HR strategy. An overwhelming majority of people would much rather engage in something fun and rewarding, and would likely take preventative measures to avoid overly boring or complex tasks."

"2. Adopt a recognition and reward system."

"3. Build a culture of employee appreciation."

"4. Step it up a notch – with a challenge."

Let's see... how do our games compare?

1. Use gaming techniques - Check!

2. Adopt a recognition and reward system - Check!

3. Build a culture of employee appreciation - Check!

4. Challenge staff - Check!

The study concludes:

"It is better to consistently reward top performing staff in order to ensure high retention levels."

We couldn't agree more.

And you know... we'd love to see you more often, anyway.




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