Four ways to reward your team for less than a dollar

Friday afternoon, 4 PM. Your team has slaved away all week, giving you great results.

They deserve a reward and some recognition. And they'll love it if you do.

But budgets are tight. What can you do that's cheap but lets them know how much you appreciate them?

Here's four things you can do, really cheap - under a buck per employee - that they'll love you for:

Rich rewards

1. Sugar.

For under a buck, you can give each of them a sweet treat. And who doesn't love candy?

But anyone can buy candy. Random sugar isn't "special" enough. Try to make it personal or tie it to what they did for you. For instance, if they hit a "home run" on a proposal, a Baby Ruth bar. Saved you money? A $100,000 bar says it all.


2. Text 'em.Text

Send each employee a personal message to their cell phone, congratulating or thanking them for a specific accomplishment this week. They'll know it's personal... if you get it right.



Hot movie tip3. Tip 'em off.

Got a hot tip for something fun to do this weekend? Let them know. And better yet, make sure it's something they'll love, not just something in your wheel house. For instance, if they love sports... did you know there's a live college game on ESPN-3D Saturday morning?


4. Swag.

Phone swag

This takes a little planning, but it's a high-payoff move. Go online, find some silly, laugh-inducing chotchkies - the kind of stuff you swipe off tables at trade shows - and make Friday a regular "awards banquet." Hand out a branded novelty item for your top accomplishments. Some of my recent favorites are rubber cell phone amplifiers, ear phone wire cord saddles, branded stress balls and "sparkly" sunglasses. Use your imagination... or those of the swag-dealers, if you're not creative on Fridays.



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