Fun on the set: team building in action

How does teamwork apply to a specific situation, like making a short film?

One person writes a script. Several others review, comment, suggest improvements.

A kind soul offers up some space. Another directs, two operate cameras, one a boom mike, another tracks it all and notes which takes work better than others. Another performs the thankless, invisible but critical job of make-up and hair. One person steps up to schedule the takes, and figure out costumes, and order pizza. A handful of others rehearse and perform for the world to see. An editor puts it all together once all of the on-set work is done.

There is no one specifically assigned the task of building a set, setting props, making coffee, updating the slate, and the hundreds of other tasks involved. If the film's going to get done, the tasks need to get done.

And it does. At least, on a recent set at which I was a participant, it did - in spades.

What's the secret behind this amazing teamwork?

It's fun.

It's a simple fact:  fun begets teamwork.

Have fun with your team, soon. You'll love the results.




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