Games: Economical and effective team building tools

Games are economical

Cost is always a factor, particularly in tough economic times. Games compare very favorably to the alternatives when you consider the bottom line. Skydiving, bungy jumping, and the like not only cost $100-$200 per person, but also make lawyers nervous and insurance salespeople wealthy. Dinners out, while “safe,” can get pretty expensive - often $75-$100 per person or more. Even karaoke can get expensive when the cost of a “KJ” (karaoke MC), sound system, and hall rental are considered.

By contrast, games conducted by Run Brain Run start at $25 per person. That cost point is pretty tough to beat in the current marketplace.

Games work

Games continue to remain popular choices for team building for one simple reason:  they work. They’re far more effective than rope courses, karaoke, or dinners at building strong team bonds that last beyond the event itself. That’s because, in short, in a game, team members are usually willing to drop their barriers and do the important things that translate well into your work environment.

When are Games Better - and when are they not?

Games are not always the best option for a group. Groups that have suffered from bruising problems such as massive layoffs, discrimination or harassment lawsuits, or workplace violence would be better served by specialized workshops designed to heal in those specific areas.

Games help develop teams when team members enjoy the activity and each other, learn something from it that they can apply to their daily (work) lives, and which improve morale and increase productivity.

When choosing what type of event would be best for your organization’s team building objectives, consider the benefits of a game versus other options at your disposal, and the situation your organization is in.



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