Games: Fun and involving team building tools

Last week we introduced the topic of when and why games might be your best choice for team building. This week we begin to address some of the benefits specific to games as team building tools. We'll look at two in particular:

  • First, the obvious one:  Games are fun.
  • Second, games are involving and exciting.

Games are fun

At  the end of every team building event we conduct, we ask the participants:  “Did you have a good time?” Invariably they yell back:  “Yes!” People love to play and have fun. That’s one reason games work so well at team building:  people want to get involved with the team’s activity.

Games allow people to get a little silly and not worry about their “image” for a moment. People love to win and are often willing to step outside of themselves for a bit in the name of victory. If a challenge requires us to wear a silly hat, and we have to do it to win - well, let’s take one for the team, then!

Games are involving and exciting

Remember playing Monopoly, kickball, checkers, or even Chutes and Ladders as a kid? Once the competition begins, the heart starts pumping and blood starts flowing, and the uncertainty of “who will win” builds excitement. Games are intense and allow us to express ourselves passionately.

Of considerable value:  games allow people to “win” - often different people than those who “win” in the workplace. That’s fun and exciting on its own. But of considerable value is another lesson learned by winning:  that winning isn’t necessarily everything. But the desire to win is a great motivator.

Next week:  How games build cohesiveness



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