Games help teams learn about each other

Last week we discussed how team building games help build team cohesion. This week - another key benefit of team building games.

Games help team members learn about each other

The informal nature of games provides opportunities for group members to talk to each other about non-work topics - as human beings, with passions and hobbies and families that matter to them (usually) far more than any work issue.

Through this informal interaction, team members learn about each other and appreciate each other rather than strictly as the occupant of a position or title. For example, they’ll learn about “Frank, who loves duckpin bowling and classic rock” rather than “Mr. Simmons, Accounting Manager.”

This provides interesting opportunities for people to connect and create bonds that can help them cooperate later in a work setting. For example, they might discover a shared love of needlepoint, the Chicago Cubs, or Cajun food.

Even the discovery that they graduated from rival universities - or simply competed against each other in the team building event competition - can lead to good-natured, ice-breaking banter later to ease tension in a difficult meeting.

Next week:  Rules and Sportsmanship



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