Games Team Builders Play

2012 has been an amazing, fun year for Run Brain Run.

And, for you, too! At least, according to our year-end analysis.

(Yes, we analyze fun. We're funky that way.)

By far, the most popular game amongst youse-guys was Search Party, our location-based scavenger hunt for grown-ups. You played Search Party at our dozen or so locations nearly 100 times in 2012. The most popular locations were Pike Place Market and Seattle Center in Seattle, and the Pearl District, Central City and the Kennedy School in Portland.

When you weren't on scavenger hunts, you were probably either engaging with spies and secret agents, saving the world from eminent disaster (such as the destruction of the city's beer and wine supply) in our Alias and Alibi spy-vs-spy game, or doing good for others in our philanthropic (CSR) games. Freewheel players built and donated some four dozen bikes for needy kids. Operation Care Kits participants sent over 100 pounds of goodies and hundreds of dollars in gift cards to service men and women in Afghanistan. And Play it Forward participants raised funds and awareness for several grateful charities.

You also preferred to play outside while you can. Over three quarters of our games were held outdoors - including a few Freewheel games. Guess you really like testing out those bikes!



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