Giving thanks for - and to - your team

It's that time of year, where we pause to give thanks for, and to, all of those around us who make our lives better. We give thanks for our health, our friends, our families, the kindness of strangers.

What about your team? Have you thanked them lately?

We know you are thankful for them. And that you want to express those thanks. But perhaps you have budget limitations, or rules governing how you spend your organization's money. Or the bottom line is so tight that there isn't much room for expenditures to express simple gratitude.

But there's a great way to thank your team without breaking the bank: engage in some fun team-building activities.

Teams who get treated to "get out of the office" days (or half-days) feel that they're appreciated by management. Recognized. Valued.


Not only that... it helps build trust, communication, cohesion and productivity.

But you don't need to tell them that.

You just need to say "Thank you."



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