Good going, Team Baltimore (Happy Fourth of July)

Two hundred years ago, our young country engaged in a fight for survival with the British Empire, what many historians have called our "second war for Independence." Two years into that war, a 35 year old poet named Francis Scott Key observed the raging battle in Chesapeake Harbor and penned the words to "Defence of Fort McHenry", or what we know today as the lyrics of "The Star Spangled Banner," our national anthem since 1931.

U.S. troops, besieged by both land and naval troops, held on to win the battle and save the fort - and with it, American independence.

This often-overlooked crticital moment in U.S. history is worth remembering when the well-known tune is played, be it at a ball game or as bombs (fireworks) burst in air.

And remember the heroics of these brave soldiers at Fort McHenry, without whom we'd have no flag to salute on Independence Day - nor Independence to commemorate.

Good going, Team Baltimore!



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