Great New Holiday Option: Operation Care Kit

It's already that time of year. Time to plan the company's Holiday Party.

This year, you want it to be fun, but meaningful. Memorable - but not for the bad karaoke or, ahem, those other "incidents" we no longer officially discuss in the office.

You want a way to connect your team together as a group - and connect it to the world at large. A way for your company to be socially responsible - to give back a little.

Why not Operation Care Kit?

Available just in time for the holidays, Operation Care Kit immerses your team into high-energy team-building fun - and gives back to the world in a very special way.

In Operation Care Kit, your teams compete to assemble care packages for men and women serving overseas in uniform, vigilantly defending our freedoms and interests from enemy attack, far from home and family.

Sometimes the troops can feel a little bit forgotten, so far from home. They don't get to spend the holidays or birthdays with their families and friends. They don't get a big Thanksgiving dinner - they get MRE's, harsh conditions, and maybe the occasional letter from home.

Regardless of your point of view on their mission, it's important to remember that going into harm's way wasn't the first choice of our soldiers. They're there because, due to situations out of their control, we need them there.

Let's show them that we remember and appreciate their service on our behalf. Get your office mates together, have a little fun - and make the world a better place.

Operation Care Kit might just be the perfect add-on to this year's company party - one that makes it memorable for good reasons, rather than... (oh, you remember the embarrassing stuff from last year. We don't need to remind you.)



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