Has your team thanked our Veterans enough?

HOperation Care Kitave you given sufficient thanks to our veterans after a one-day holiday?

In case you haven't, we have a way for you to give back a little more to the men and women who defend our freedoms and way of life.

It's called Operation Care Kit. It's a way of saying "We still remember you" to the thousands of service men and women still in harm's way in service to our nation.

In Operation Care Kit, your team has fun and builds communication and trust while assembling the little extras that we take for granted every day but are sorely missed by those serving in foreign lands without access to our plentiful markets and on-line shopping malls. Things like snacks, various toiletries, an extra blanket, even a simple band-aid.

The service men and women are eternally grateful for every item received (and have even written to tell us so). Your team is stronger, our defenses are stronger... everybody wins.

We run Operation Care Kit year-round, so don't think you've missed your chance just because Veterans Day has passed us by.

And to all those who have served: Thank you.



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