Helping victims of Hurricane Sandy

What does a hurricane on the east coast have to do with teamwork in the Pacific Northwest? Or in the south, on the plains, in the islands of Hawaii?

The answer:  Everything.

If you've tried to order something on-line, for example, in the last week or so, you probably have witnessed a message to the effect of, "Delivery may be affected by Hurricane Sandy."

Planes are grounded. Train schedules disrupted. World wide markets put on hold. Tax dollars spent to help protect and recover our nation's valuable assets.

We're all in this together. Whether we have field offices in the northeast - or whether we ARE the field office of an east coast headquarters - or whether it's just Aunt Ruth that we can't reach by phone in New Jersey - we're all affected, directly and indirectly.

Teams aren't always what you expect.

Sometimes they are much larger.

Here's a great way to help the team, by the way:



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