How does "Operation Care Kits" work?

Operation Care Kits is Run Brain Run's most recent innovation into the philanthropic or "corporate social responsibility" team building arena. Modeled after our immensely popular and successful "Freewheel" game, participants tackle a series of military-themed challenges to "earn" the many components of a care kit that we will then send off to soldiers serving in harms' way, defending our nation's interests.

But what actually happens?

Operation Care Kit: Success!A typical agenda is:

  1. Before the day of the event
  2. Long before your team shows up to build communication and camaraderie, we designate the fighting unit that will receive your goodies, figure out what they need, go shopping to buy all the stuff, and get it ready for your team to assemble into kits.

    Then (shh! this part's secret), we arrange to have a representative of the armed forces come by at the end to accept your donations. That part REALLY rocks.

  3. Icebreaker and Intro

    We start with a fun, energetic icebreaker that gets people moving around and laughing - and, cleverly, sorts people randomly into teams of three to eight people (depending on the size of your group).

    These teams will then compete against each other for the remainder of the event. Teams can get VERY competitive! And competition helps build energy, excitement and incentives to complete the many wacky challenges that lie ahead.

  4. Create a team identity
  5. Every good fighting unit has a cool nickname. Here we give you a chance to come up with your own, and design your own "insignia" and marching song.

  6. Challenges

    We throw a series of challenges at you - creating your own "uniform," navigating a "red tape" maze (blindfolded), eating "rations" - and with each round of challenges you earn two things:

    • Points - which are valuable, because the team with the most points wins the match
    • More importantly, care kit components, such as personal hygiene items, foodstuffs or convenience items that are sorely lacking on the front lines (and that soldiers actually ask for)
  7. Medal ceremony
  8. We tally up the final score, announce the winners and award "medals." You know... bragging rights.

  9. Military acceptance
  10. Here's where the representative of the armed forces surprises your guests by coming in and symbolically "accepting" the donations on behalf of the service men and women and extends heartfelt thanks - from the voice of experience.

  11. Wipe away tears
  12. Even the strongest men cry at this point. Really.

  13. Cherish lifelong memories



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