How much time does your team building event take?

Team building is not a process that starts and stops with the playing of a single game or the successful implementation of an annual team outing.

Team building is an ongoing process that begins whenever two or more people agree (or are assigned) to work together and ends when the relationship itself ends.

And now that we have the politically correct, 90's self-help-book mantra out of the way...

Most of our events take about 2-2.5 hours. Search Party, Play it Forward, Operation Care Kit and Game Show Live! are designed to allow for two hours of hands-on play time, with a minimal amount of pre-game intros and post-game wrap. We want the focus to be on the fun your team is having, not on paperwork.

Freewheel and Alias and Alibi take a little longer - usually about 2.5 to 3 hours. Freewheel is a bit open-ended, though, so you can plan to spend some time with the kids once they've received their bikes. (As much fun as the rest of the game is, that part is still my favorite. I could let that go for hours if they'd let me.)

The 2-3 hour time window gives your team time to get to and from the event, take in a meal, and mingle while still allowing you to give your team a special, memorable, fun outing in under a half-day's time.

So, while you're building productivity, you're not losing it to a completely "unproductive" day.



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