Immerse yourself in the action

Lately we've noticed a trend in team building toward more immersive game experiences. We like it.

While we love to laugh our way through scavenger-hunt type games (such as Search Party) and can't wipe away the smiles after a philanthropic game like Freewheel or Play it Forward, the immersive games offer a whole new level of experience.

In Alias and Alibi, participants solve puzzles and overcome challenges while embroiled in the midst of a story narrative. You and your team are not only resolving clever clues but are solving a mystery (and saving the world, no less).

You interact with "secret agents" and "henchmen" in a secret underworld spy mission. The results of your success spell the difference between life as we know it... and the ultimate (humorous) disaster!

It's a whole new level of experience. You're not just playing a game - you're part of the game. Part of the story. It evolves with you.

We think that's pretty cool.




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