Individual Motivation and Performance Can Also Apply to Teams

Did you know that some of the same best practices that support individual motivation and performance can also apply to teams? To drive individual and team performance and motivation, there are 5 easy tasks designed to foster group members and their ability to effectively work together.

Teams often flounder because of a lack of direction. Individual employees need goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. And so does your team! Therefore, make sure your teams are given clear and precise goals and set clear expectations.

Just as it is important to structure individual goals and connect them to the goals of the organization, it is also important to connect your team’s goals to these same goals. This motivates your team by helping them understand the impact of how their efforts connect and contribute to the company's overall success. Therefore, connect teams to the "Big Picture" to show how their work fits into the organization.

In the same way that you review your an individual's demonstration of skills and assign them activities to help them further develop these skills, you can review the team’s demonstration in the same manner and provide them with learning activities to help them address any skills lacking. Therefore, encouraging team and employee development can be an important driver of engagement and motivation.

The principles that apply to employee self-appraisal, still applies to teams. By asking team members to provide feedback on their own performance, as well as team colleagues, this can help improve their engagement in the team, and increase their motivation. Therefore, gather performance feedback from all team members to make sure the team is working well together.

Just as employees need regular feedback about what they are doing well and areas for improvement, teams need feedback on how they are functioning and performing as well. Give them perspective and guidance, and help motivate them just like you would do for the individual. Therefore, the final step is to provide ongoing coaching and feedback to your team.

The same management principles that apply to managing and motivating employees, also can apply to working teams. These practices that support employee high-performance can be used to help keep teams motivated and drive their performance. So go and motivate your team!



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