Indoors or out? Four questions to ask your team building company

Summer is a great time to get your team out of the office, shake things up, and work on a little team bonding. The warmth and sunshine adds energy and keeps the end-of-event smiles plastered on just a little bit longer at the end of your successful event.

But the weather this summer has been strange and unpredictable. Twenty-degree temperature swings in 24 hours, sudden storms, even forecasted storms that never materialize have been the norm.

What’s an event planner to do? Should one even consider an outdoor event, or play it safe and look for indoor options only?

Here are four things to consider when trying to decide between indoors and outdoors:

  • Check out your team building provider. Do they offer both indoor and outdoor game options?
  • Investigate the game itself. Is it all indoors, all outdoors - or a mix, giving your team flexibility and variety in how they spend their time?
  • What’s the setting? An urban game can provide cover or quick places to duck into to dodge the raindrops. A game in the wilderness offers ... wilderness. (You could always hide under your GPS and keep a few square inches of your body dry.)
  • Ask the game provider directly:  what happens if it rains? Or, conversely, what happens if we’re happily surprised by sunshine? What are the contingency plans?

In the Pacific Northwest, summer weather often extends well into October, giving you outdoor options well into football season. But it’s best to know your options.



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