Instant Team Building

Let's say you've just come into a familiar task (playing touch football, figuring out a puzzle, painting a community building) with people with whom you are unfamiliar, or at least people with whom you have not had teamwork experiences in the past.

Do you succeed? Fail outright? Or, flail a while, then start to gel into a more cohesive whole?

Ever get to the end of one of those situations, look around at your new team, and say, "NOW we know what we're doing! If only we were starting now!"

Weird, right? You knew what you were doing all along, but things only started clicking toward the middle or end of the project.

It's because you've finally learned to work together.

It's because you took the time to get to know each other. Understand each other's strengths and weaknesses and adjust accordingly. To help each other.

To work as a team. Just like that - almost instantly.

Spending time with your team doing things other than your day to day work helps build team effectiveness that pays off when you ARE on the job.



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