Keeping Teams Focused

Keeping teams focused and on track can be a job of its own. Key responsibilities of managers is to keep the project team members focused on the goal to achieve desired and successful results. How do you put the team back on track when your team looses focus? There are a few activities that can help teams refocus and may even prevent problems that can hinder a team's ability to perform.

To really be successful, teams focus needs to be kept on the following:

*Revisit your company's Mission Statement to help your team connect with the bigger picture. A well thought out Mission Statement should be able to serve as a motivational source to drive performance and meet goals.
*Designate time and allocate additional resources to ensure staff are kept up to date with their professional development and technical skills, as these top-notch skills and knowledge greatly improves results.
* Conduct team meetings as these are vital to keep the team on track, motivated and focused. Team meetings give the opportunity to communicate and assist with the early identification of issues or concerns, ideas, opportunities, etc.
* Plan regular informal one-on-one meetings with all your employees. A quick check in on workloads, issues or concerns, and even small achievements builds better relationships leading to job loyalty and nips interpersonal issues in the bud.

As a manager, create an environment that promotes focus and deploy methods in your organization that will assist in maintaining focus. Focus is critical to an organization to succeed and early detection prevents the "bad apple" syndrome. And we all know, prevention is far less painful than the cure.



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