Lessons in Team Building: Starting Small

Start smallSometimes organizations get caught in a teamwork tailspin, where everything careens out of control. People stop working well together, don't communicate, lose trust, stop backing each other up, and so forth.

Productivity takes a dive just as steep, and the work place becomes no fun any more.

In such cases, leaders are tempted to take drastic, "big" steps. They bring in reorg consultants, start reassigning portfolios, changing business practices, even firing people.

Why not start smaller?

Sometimes a small step can reverse the negative trends by rebuilding confidence in the team. Demonstrating simple reminders that communicating, sharing credit, helping each other out, and taking small leaps of faith can be infectious. Good deeds get rewarded, or "paid forward" as the saying goes.

Sometimes just getting the team out of the office, doing something fun is enough to boost morale and get people on the path to being good team mates again. Especially if they act as a team in some simple, fun activity that gives them opportunities to trust, communicate, and get to know each other.

Besides, starting small is less expensive and less risky.

Try it. Start small. Let it grow to something bigger.




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