Make Team Building a Tradition

Is team building a one-time event?

Do we even have to answer that question?

Teams who make team building an ongoing effort, who work on continuous improvement in cohesion, communication, and trust, are the teams who continue to succeed, year after year.

Ongoing efforts to build teams are hard to sustain when someone has to come up with new ideas for outings every month or every quarter. Plus, that person must pick a date that agrees with the schedule of everyone on the team - and with the schedule of your team building event provider.

There is an alternative.

Why not make team building a regular, recurring event on your team's schedule? Be it First Thursdays, third Saturdays, or every full moon, if you make it a known event at a date that everyone knows in advance, it will become part of your team's calendar.

And then, part of your team's culture.

Then, find activities or vendors that meet YOUR team's schedule and fits your team's culture.

(By the way, we can do that...)

Then - stick to it. You'll be glad you did.

To sum up:

  1. Choose activities that fit your team.
  2. Make it a regularly scheduled event
  3. Stick with it!



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