Make your team a super-achiever

Is your team a super-achiever?

A super-achieving team is one that performs well above the expectations set by the "experts." Outsiders looking in see - or fail to see - the talent levels of your team and predict failure or mediocrity. Then your team outperforms those expectations. By a mile.

Three teams come right to mind right now in the world of sports:

the Boston Red Sox, who were predicted to come in last place in their division (again) but won the World Series;
the Seattle Seahawks, who were expected to be good but who have surpassed all expectations by (so far) earning the best record in the National Football League;
the Portland Trail Blazers, who were expected to be mediocre, but who now hold the best record in the National Basketball Association.

Mind you we are not talking about over-achievers. Over-achievers are teams which succeed despite their talent, by pure luck or some other outside force. Over-achievers succeed for a while - but then inevitably fall back to their expected (or at least, more natural) level of success. (We won't name names.)

Why are these teams super-achievers? Because:

- They do have talent - lots of it - but lack "marquee" players who demand (and receive) top dollars and endless media attention
- They win far more than expected
- They win **because of teamwork**

Yes. Teamwork. That's the element that puts them over the top. Players picking each other up when they have a down day. Communicating, trusting, selflessly helping each other succeed.

Build your team's teamwork infrastructure - and you will build success.



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