More Tips to Improve Employee Morale and Motivation

As a team leader, you may not have much time to spend on morale. You need ways to engage your employees that do not consume your time.  Here are more easy tips to improve employee morale and motivation:

* Say good morning. Yes something this simple and easy can be very effective. It starts the day off on a positive note, even on stressful days.

* Pass on compliments. If you receive a complimentary e-mail regarding an employee, make sure to let that employee know. Better yet, make it an example of how every one on the team should go above and beyond to ensure sayifactory results.

*Applaud team efforts. Cheering on the team is a great way to keep teams motivated. Being recognized by the manager reinforces what the team already values and they will want to continue in getting the job done effectively. 

Say good night. Yes this too. End the day on a positive note whenever possible.

Try these tips. It only takes a few minutes and the results are worth your while.



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