New: Search Party in Salem!

Search Party, the dastardly fun scavenger hunt game for teams, clubs, and informal groups of grown-ups, has been a Portland go-to destination favorite for years.

Someone recently asked, "Can you do this in Salem, too?"

We think it's a Capitol idea. So the answer is, Yes, we can!

Search Party isn't your children's scavenger hunt. It's a brain-stretching, laugh-inducing, communication-enhancing team builder that gets the neurons firing faster than the Senate can say "filibuster."

Here's how it works. Our All-powerful Game Director hands your team a pack of clues and challenges (see? we don't leave anyone clueless, even in the Capitol), and it's up to you to de-sleuth the clue's meaning. Then you'll search the Capitol grounds area for the fabulous factoids and mysterious mementos while overcoming the Great Challenges we have set out for you and your team.

Sound fun? Of course! Way better than another rubber chicken fundraising dinner or a late-night budget session.

So next time someone asks you which party you prefer, just say, "Search Party!"



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