Nine ways to motivate your team

Inc. Magazine published an insightful article this morning on motivating employees that merits notice and discussion.

The entire article is worth a good read. But here we discuss the highlights and some additional thoughts.

Their nine ways to motivate employees include:

#3. Make your ideas theirs. In other words, consult with employees rather than simply telling them what to do. After all, you hired them because they’re smart, hard-working, and know their stuff, right? Take advantage of that!

#5. Make everyone a leader. Give people opportunities to lead - and with that, opportunities to either succeed or fail (and learn from the experience). Again, you hired knowledgeable, smart, and capable people, right? Let them prove you right. The opportunities don’t have to be billion dollar ones. Start small and let them earn greater opportunities as they gain experience.

#7. Give recognition and small rewards. One of my favorite stories involves a manager who adopted a practice of always rewarding success immediately and tangibly. One day an employee surprised him with a major breakthrough. Unprepared, he searched his office for something, anything to give the employee. All he could find was his morning snack - a banana. The story spread like wildfire. Thereafter, employees competed ferociously to win the Banana Award.

#8. Throw company parties. As the article states, “[d]oing things as a group can go a long way... Don’t just wait until the holidays to do a company activity; organize events throughout the year to remind your staff that you’re all in it together.”  We couldn’t agree more:  companies that play together, earn more pay together.

For the other five ways, read the entire article here.



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