Not feeling team-like? Think again.

You say you're a lone wolf? Independent? Not feeling part of a team?

Amazing wifi reception you've got going in that cave of yours, Og the Wheel Inventor.

Truth is, we're all part of teams. The composition of those teams vary from day to day, hour to hour, context to context. It's only possible to read this blog right now because of all of the various teams that worked together to make it happen:

  • Our team, for securing this great on-line system for posting informative articles
  • Who knows how many Internet service providers to making all of the various technologies work - and, more to the point, work together
  • Teams of university professors down to grade-school grammarians who turned the lump of clay known as "my brain" into something that can read and write
  • And hundreds more.

Since we're all on teams, we all need to make sure our teams are working well together. Does your auto mechanic know how soft you like your brakes? Does your household cook know how you like your eggs? Do you refill the coffee pot when you take the last cup?

What have you done today to make your teams - any of them, all of them - work better together?



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