Outdoor Games

Warmer, sunnier weather is coming, and anyone who works indoors knows one thing about work in summer:  it doesn't get done.

Unless you can keep the team motivated, that is.

A smart boss knows that the slow-down season of summer (for many businesses) is a great opportunity to reward her employees with some outdoor play time.

But the bottom line still needs to be met.

Voila - the perfect solution:  outdoor team building scavenger hunt games.

Outdoor scavenger hunts like Run Brain Run's Search Party games get your team out of doors and into the bright, warm long-lasting sunshine. Because they're laugh-inducing and fun, they'll get your team's morale up better than most corporate outings and are far more affordable than dinners, picnics, rope courses and zip-lines... without the risk and hassle.

So, do you want to work better and smarter this summer?

Get outdoors and play.




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