Pick me up, team mate

Sometimes, things go wrong. You make mistakes. Consequences loom large.

When you're working alone, or on a team that isn't working well together, what happens?

You suffer those consequences. You lose the sale, or the project goes awry, costs go way up, customers are unhappy. Your reputation suffers.

Not good.

But when you're on a well-functioning team, what happens?

Your teammates pick you up. They correct the error that you missed, keep the project on task, make sure the work gets done, costs are contained, the customer's happy. Your reputation is saved.

In fact, since the recovery looks smooth or even miraculous, your company's reputation may even improve. "Wow, it looked like disaster was about to happen, but they pulled it off. Great folks at that company."

Do you and your team pick each other up when you stumble?

If not... maybe some team building is in your future.



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