Polls, rankings, and reputations

College football season is just around the corner, and with the start of a new season comes... polls.

"Who's the best team in the country?" the polls ask. Whom do they ask? Coaches, writers, pundits. And they vote, and they come up with rankings for the Top 25 teams in the country.

Do the rankings actually determine who the winners and losers will be?

Of course not. Only the teams, playing the actual games, determine that.

So the polls don't matter... right?

Yes and no.

They don't dictate who will win or lose any particular game. That's up to the team.

But they help raise or lower expectations of a team vis-a-vis its opponents. That can change the way they prepare, the attitude they bring to the field, and how they react to situations during the 60 minutes of regulation.

It also helps shape the end-of-season choices about who plays in which bowl game... which, also, helps determine who the number one team is. And number two, etc.

It relates to business in this way:

What people think of us matters. Not in terms of how good we are at doing our jobs - but at how good people THINK we are at doing our jobs.

And what people think of how good we are at our jobs can determine whether we even get a chance at performing for them.

What are you doing with your team to enhance your team's reputation?




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